Video Marketing

Video marketing has ushered in a new era in digital marketing. It mainly involves creation of 2-5 minutes videos containing content from websites or other articles about a specific topic. These videos are then uploaded on various video-sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


In the recent years video marketing has played a major role as one of the most significant aspects of any marketing strategy. With the phenomenal popularity of youtube, marketers have realized the importance of this marketing as one of the tools of mass exposure within a limited period of time. In digital marketing the year 2014 is being touted as the year of video marketing.

Statistics show that over 75% of the internet population prefers to spend time on sites like Facebook and youtube rather than surfing web or checking mails. Hence the reach of this marketing is undoubtedly the widest. This is attested by the fact that there are over 1.2million videos and a million hits per day on youtube. But it is very easy to get lost among these huge numbers of videos.

Viral impact of videos

A viral video is said to be the video which has gained widespread popularity through sharing on internet. Video sharing is said to be the way of grabbing the most number of eyeballs in the shortest amount of time. Videos become viral through word of mouth and sharing and it can create huge brand awareness in no time. They are the most effective form of digital marketing at this age as companies are enabled to interact in a more personal and interactive level.

So how we make the difference and make your videos reach out to your target audience.

  • Our video content team will guide you to create the perfect video that will keep the audience interested. Even boring topics needs to be communicated in an exciting way.
  • We will also help you to build your video marketing strategy for long term, something that makes a series or a campaign.
  • We will optimize the video so that it comes up in search results for the right keywords.
  • The sharing strategy of the video in social media and other mediums will be also done.
  • Creating a buzz around the video with proper sharing and optimization. This will ensure that we create a video that actually goes viral with the right video marketing strategy.
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