Red Hat Certified Administrator II-RH134 Training

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator course offers you the opportunity to learn the workings of the Red Hat Linux operating system. The course is for people without any prior knowledge of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, but the RHCSA 2 is for the more advance users, or for the users who have already partook in its initial version. The training course offers a certified program to develop your skills to achieve your goal of becoming a system administrator.

The Red Hat Certified Administration course furthers the existing knowledge on command line based Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system administration. This course will help you understand the ways to manage users and groups, and also on how to manage files and file permissions. It will teach you about directories, documentation, and file handling. It will also teach you about troubleshooting boot processes, firewall management and network configuration. The course focuses on Linux administration rather than on basic use of Linux system. Candidates to this course are junior administrators who wish to deepen their skills or administrators who are currently administering UNIX and developers who have interest in writing software for Linux.

Course Outline

  • Remote Installation Using VNC
  • Automate Installation through Kick start
  • Write regular expressions with grep
  • Quickly Isolate & Locate content with in text file
  • Introduction the vim text editor
  • Open, Edit & Save Text Files
  • Using Cron&Anacron
  • Using at
  • Using top, ps commands
  • Terminate process using kill command
  • Managing file security using POSIX ACL
  • Using command setfacl/getfacl
  • Managing SELinux Policy
  • New SELinux Features In RHEL 7
  • Determines Booleans for services
  • Configure Systems to use central Identity management services
  • Add Disk to System
  • Create Partitions
  • Create File System
  • Perform Mounting
  • Using Command Line
  • Using GUI Tools
  • Access Secure NFS Share
  • Use Autofs & Command line tool to mount & unmounts smb shares
  • Control Troubleshoot RHEL Boot process
  • Configure a basic Firewall
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