App Maintenance Services

At AXN Unicode Technologies, we understand that its really important for an organization to concentrate on its core business practices as well as maintain IT applications to the growing needs of organization. However, performing in-house application maintenance is a time consuming task, making it an expensive proposition for any company. This is the simple basis which has initialized AXN Unicode to venture into application maintenance services wherein we provide the necessary technical know how and works for the complete application maintenance so that you can lower your cost and increase the ROI of your business. Our team takes the job of daily IT activities in maintaining, troubleshooting, analyzing and assessing your application for enhanced efficiency and performance.


AXN Unicode's application processes are tailor-made for maintenance and we ensure that our services are flexible and evolve with your business. Our team assures that problems are resolved quickly, tests are performed meticulously and updates are methodically implemented and documented with strict change management policies enforced.

Application maintenance service enable companies to gradually transfer duties from their in-house maintenance team to our offshore team. The nature of the application and the scope of the project, can result in some variations, however in most maintenance projects our multi-phase approach has proven to be the most effective. This provides the guideline to approach the problem scientifically. Our technical team has the appropriate experience to ensure that all the phases have the flexibility to change as per the customized requirement of the clients' business for which the application has been created or maintained.

Our Mobile App Maintenance Services

  • Fault analysis
  • Design update, Upgrades and Patches
  • Code review & Testing
  • Application Enhancements
  • 24x7 Support & Maintenance of application systems
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