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Online business is scaling new heights. This can be attributed to primarily two reasons, first the unprecedented penetration of internet services among masses and secondly exceptional acceptance of e-commerce services among internet users. Both coupled together are harnessing potential of the untapped markets, and creating the Big Bang effect.


Online businesses are proliferating like never before. But there may be are equal number of cases that could not sustain and faded out very soon. The situation is triggered because of stiff competition from established giants in each of the niche segment, lack of planning & budget required to generate traffic volumes required to sustain such an e-commerce platform and absence of strategic alliance with a professional e-commerce solution provider.

AXN Unicode is your one stop destination for acquiring your fair share of the global marketplace by catering to mainstream consumers with services that have been accepted as standard worldwide. We invest with you, our e-commerce capabilities that will help you march over your adversaries convincingly.

We offer the following services under the umbrella of e-commerce solutions:

  • Completely equipped Shopping cart software to set up your site’s shopping interface
  • Payment gateway integration to facilitate inclusion of all accepted and popular payment modes in vogue for becoming favourite with the largest segment of consumers
  • Search engine optimization to boost your site’s visibility and credibility
  • Admin area to control and manipulate the site from single point
  • Tools for adding, editing and deleting categories or products with relative ease
  • Facility to update products in hassle free manner
  • Facility to add mesmerizing descriptions and alluring images at your own convenience through advanced content management system
  • Store Management and maintenance
  • Seamless and streamlined integration with the overall theme and design of website
  • Search engine integration facility
  • Easy site navigability
  • Facility to put up product thumbnails
  • Limitless categories and products integration facility
  • Swift, error free loading of products
  • Competitive rates
  • Personalized service even after implementation
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