Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility enables enterprises to conduct business more reliably, quickly, and cheaply through effective management of information. Mobility solutions solve the problem of deploying "right information - at the right time - to the right person - at the right place"


Business executives are usually on the move and require real time data in their hands all the time. Mobility solutions can access high volumes of data from multiple locations, convert them into meaningful information and present it in an easy to comprehend format. Executives can make precise decisions based on this information and save a lot of time. Enterprise mobility solutions also break the long standing barriers of location dependency by providing global connectivity and remote access of information to business personals.

AXN Unicode Technologies has been assisting enterprises in making critical business decisions through its innovative mobility solutions since last 2 years. Our enterprise mobility solutions create an effective communication channel between business executives, stock holders, partners and other involved business personals so that proper flow of information is maintained. Whether the executives are operating in local areas or across different time zone, enterprise mobility solutions always keep them connected and informed.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Business person can access data from different databases even at remote locations and make quick & accurate decisions.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions provide the functionality of "plan and track form anywhere" to various executives.
  • Keep yourself informed with current business news, trade news and other updates
  • Stay in touch with your colleagues, business partners, suppliers and other personals from any location
  • Increase employee productivity & reduce operations cost
  • Allows the business executives to perform dynamic planning and re-planning
  • High levels of security provided by mobility solutions
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